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Is Invisalign for Me?

The Invisalign clear braces system is designed for people who want straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Perfect for adults and teens alike, clear braces is a great choice for those with an active lifestyle.


Invisalign Teen clear braces for bad bites in San DiegoInvisalign Teen is specially designed to work with teens that may not yet have all of their molars. Teens have no restrictions on what they can eat or what they can do. Invisalign Teen even comes with blue wear dots to help the teen, the parents and the doctor know when it is time to change to the next aligner. Best of all, Invisalign Teen provides up to 6 free aligners in case your teen misplaces or loses an aligner.


Invisalign for straight teeth in San Diego with Dr. OrtegaInvisalign is a perfect solution for adults who have always wanted straight teeth but didn’t want a mouth full of metal. Clear braces are discreet, comfortable, and convenient. You will wear your Invisalign braces with confidence. Invisalign is also good for adults that previously had braces but whose teeth have shifted a bit after treatment.


Invisalign invisible braces with a dentist in San DiegoInvisalign clear braces are removable, so they won’t interfere with your normal activities. If needed, they can be taken out for short periods of time. Of course, because they are clear, most people won’t even notice you are wearing braces. Invisalign offers the greatest brace flexibility and convenience. They can be taken out for pictures, brushing, flossing and eating. You won’t that typical hassles associated with regular braces, nor will you face any of those types of restrictions with Invisalign.


Before you decide if Invisalign is the right treatment for your needs, Dr. Ortega will consult with you and explain the entire treatment process at his San Diego office. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have and get the answers you need to make a decision to start Invisalign treatment.

If you have any questions about clear braces or you are ready to make an appointment to get straight teeth or correct bad bites, call us today! We would be happy to answer any questions you have about Invisalign here in San Diego!